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Hyperlinks to Happiness is a collaborative work developed by Sydney based multidisciplinary artist Andrew Christie and SPRUNG Integrated Dance Theatre, a not for profit community organisation providing dance and theatre training and workshops for people with a disability. Gathering and synthesising input from the dancers, Christie has created a series of virtual worlds that can be navigated through by a viewer fitted with a headset capable of matching their physical movements with movements in the digitally constructed ones, hearing excerpts of recorded discussions with the dancers layered over musical themes customised to each space. Sometimes related to a single dancer, other times a conglomeration of multiple SPRUNG members, their stories, choreography and even everyday routines beyond the stage make a mark on the exhibition audience both in the content of the digital spaces and the way viewers move through each one.  Some scenes are quiet and contemplative, others are chaotic and at times disconcerting, but much like SPRUNG as an organisation, all of them rely on the dancers open engagement and contribution in order to encourage open and inclusive discussions about disability and difference, primarily through unifying and inclusive themes and narratives.

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