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Slipstream, for Sydney WorldPride 2023

Wynscreen-AJ-AC_Feb 23-Web-9.jpg

SlipStream is a site-responsive artwork that explores the artists shared experiences of bisexuality. It presents a whimsical, sugary, fluid landscape composed from images of the existing art, images and graffiti on the tunnel walls. It aims to encourage feelings of play and free expression that welcome you into an alternate world. The landscape is populated by characters that signify different types of queer expression - from hiding and masking, to being out, loud and proud - and were inspired by some of the childrens paintings that are in this tunnel space already. They are playful interpretations of queer bodies that represent the different feelings that arise from coming out. SlipStream aims to provide an avenue for audiences unfamiliar with queer culture to build awareness about LGBTQIA+ experiences in a celebratory and interactive environment that pays homage to the space behind this temporary artwork

This project was supported by Transport for NSW and Cultural Capital

Heavy Light Sydney Creative Hoardings

Hard Light 2022 Andrew Christie  and Sprung Dance.jpg

 Exploring ways digital and emerging technologies can be incorporated within performance, often to advance dialogues relating to disability. The results have involved computer generated imagery, 3D printed sculpture, performance visualisations and virtual reality experiences.  Heavy Light involved working with each dancer to create avatars of themselves. With a variety of natural traits applied to their bodies, these characters express the thrills and tensions of the stage, the importance of visibility or the weight of self-confrontation. The result is a series of bodies that interact in ambiguous ways, encouraging the viewer to insert their own narratives.

Dear Sincere Friend

London Small Format.jpg

The Parthenon Marbles have been held in the Duveen Gallery of the British Museum since 1816. While Greece was under Ottoman occupation, Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin and ‘sincere friend’ of Ottoman rulers, originally removed portions of the Parthenon frieze, metopes and other significant artefacts from the Athenian Acropolis as English ambassador. The moral and legal justifications for such actions have been the subject of ongoing controversy. And though there is growing support for the return of the marbles to their original home in Athens even among the English population, the actualisation of this vision seems as distant as it has ever been.

Run Out


MCA ArtBar Curated by Julie Rrap


Partially in response to the closing of the Sydney College of the Arts at Rozelle Sydney, the artist ran a full marathon (42.195km) within the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Public Figures


Public Figures (2017)

3d printed and handpainted, collectable figures

commissioned for Cementa Festival, Kandos NSW 


Kandos Featured Locals

   Artists/Partners Kat and Darryl Brown

   Radio Presenter Brent Barlow

   Historian and Teacher Colleen O'Sullivan

   Farmer Stuart Andrews

You (Sarah and Daniel)


Looking at Me Through You

Campbelltown Art Centre

Sarah and David are the most 'average' citizens of Campbelltown, 3D printed at life-sized scale

The Babylon Project


The Babylon Project (2016)

Waverley Library Bondi Junction

Fisher Library, Camperdown Campus University of Sydney

The artist collected dust from the shelves and archives of both Waverley and Fisher Library, using this material to create casted books which had been stolen, lost or otherwise missing from the library collections

Dreaming About Mud

Dreaming About Mud Cover Jpeg5.jpg

Campbelltowns iconic 'Pig', mascot of Tim's Garden Centre was the focus of limited book publication documenting his life at the intersection of Queen Street and Campbelltown Road. All profits were donated to the African Aids Foundation, an organisation operated locally (Camden) and has long been endorsed by the Garden Centre.


"The African AIDS Foundation exists to raise much needed funds to support grass roots projects in South Africa and Kenya. AAF is run by volunteers who are passionate about bringing change to the lives of children who are facing a bleak future without help. The projects AAF fund are run by small groups of people who are caring for the ill, abandoned and vulnerable."

Donations can be made through

Game of Agony

Andrew Christie Game of Agony.jpg

The Game of Agony 

Australian Born Citizen (ABC) Edition and Non-Australian Born Citizen Edition


Articulate (8).JPG

Echo (2015)

Winner Fishers Ghost Emerging Artist and Macarthur Award

Campbelltown Art Centre

100s and 1000s


100s and 1000s

aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park Sydney

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